Youth Ministry

High School Graduates

Youth are a special part of this faith community.  They are not only our future; they are a significant part of our present life.    Our Sunday School Program is open to all school-aged children and runs from September through June.

The children come down to our Sunday School classroom about 10:00, just before Service.  There are usually  2 to 4 teachers, members of our parish, who each volunteer one week at a time to provide instruction.

We plan our lessons using an Episcopal Church School curriculum that parallels the Scripture Readings of the week. 

Art projects, music and game activities coordinate with the lessons.  There are also special events our children take part in over the liturgical year. These include an Advent Workshop, Christmas pageant, Lenten Workshop and others.

Following classes, the children return to the church to celebrate Eucharist with the families.  On Youth Sundays, Mother Trula has an Interactive Children’s Sermon.  All children are invited to join in the Service on these Sunday mornings. 

Sunday School works at not only educating our children in the faith, but also forming a spiritual community with young people.

If you need more information, please contact the Church Office, or Fran Tirinato, our Sunday School Director