Annual Giving Campaign

2023 Annual Giving Campaign

WHAT is a pledge?

A pledge is an annual financial offering you make through St. Paul’s for God, yourself, your family, and your community.

WHY should I pledge?

Giving is a way to express gratitude, give back, and support as we “Reimagine the Possible” through God’s work and mission. Pledging helps our church plan our budget for the future year by knowing in advance what financial contributions our members will commit to our programs throughout the year.

WHO sees my pledge?

Your pledge promise is between you and God. Only two stewardship ministry members see your commitment for budgeting purposes only. Your pledge helps us form a realistic budget for fulfilling St. Paul’s missions.

WAYS to pledge?

  • Submit your pledge online at:
  • Mail form to St. Paul’s
  • Complete form & place in the offertory plate on Sundays


Thank you for your support as the “Church on the Corner,” as we go out into the world and Reimagine the Possible, doing God’s work and spreading our message: God Loves You. No Exceptions.

You are welcome to print a paper pledge form and return it to St. Paul’s OR conveniently fill out and submit the online form above. If you have any questions, please contact Bill O’Connell or James Hankey.

Pledge Today!

Please help us dream big by submitting your pledge for 2023! Your pledge is the financial amount you plan to give to Epiphany for God, yourself, your family, and your community throughout the 2023 calendar year. Please note, you can pledge at any time! Pledging is a planning tool. The Vestry will use the pledge information to form the 2024 budget so we can plan how St. Paul’s can Reimagine the Possible by doing God’s work within our walls and beyond!

To submit a pledge, fill out the form below and submit it online or print the paper form and drop it in the offering plate or in the mail. To make a one-time donation, click here. Thank you for your support!

Enter the amount WITHOUT THE $ that you plan to give each month. Your contribution will help us plan our 2024 budget so St. Paul's can Reimagine the Possible by doing God’s work within our walls and beyond!
If you need assistance setting up payments please contact: