Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to be followers of Jesus Christ.  Our mission, as part of the body of Christ, is to kindle and nurture God’s spirit within ourselves and our neighbors through worship, love, and outreach.  Our itention it so be a Christ-centered, inclusive community, minstering to the spiritual and temporal needs of ALL people far and near.  We strive to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to respect the dignity of every person.

Open – We understand that God never makes junk, including us, and that God has chosen to create us in all the colors of the rainbow.  We come from many nations, many financial situations, different genders, differing sexual orientation, different body styles, different ages, different levels of understanding, differing degrees of health and fitness, etc.  We welcome all in the name of God as our brothers and sisters.

Acceptance – We are called to accept each other in our brokenness and in our wholeness, and choose to treat each other with love and respect.  We are not called to affirm each other – affirmation is moral acceptance, and we are not called to judge one another morally.  We may not approve of each other’s values and ethics, but that is not our job nor the point.  Jesus told us not to judge one another – ultimately it is our Lord who will judge each of us.

Sinners – We accept that we fail to live up to God’s Will for us in our lives daily, we believe that we are forgiven by God when we ask, and we understand that God calls us to be faithful but not perfect.

Christ-Centered – We center our faith and worship on the fullest revelation of God in His Son Jesus Christ; we remember his life, death, resurrection, and ascension; and we acknowledge His Lordship over the Church, the Body of Christ in this world.

Spirit-Filled – We seek to live in the strength, power, and wisdom of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit blows through us and calls us out into the world to be servant to all.

Bible-Based – We believe the Holy Scripture of the old and new testaments to be the word of God and to contain all things necessary for salvation.  The New Revised Standard Version.

Grace-enabled – We believe that salvation comes from God alone, won for us on the hard wood of the cross, offered to us a free gift of love with no strings attached.

Joyful – We seek to dance with God through this journey we call life, no matter what lows and highs we experience, and to be thankful in all things.

Caring – We are a welcoming, open and deeply relational community seeking to love one another and especially our neighbor as Christ loves us.

Outward-Focused – We seek to follow Christ’s command to love our neighbors as ourselves by ministering to the world around us.

Trinitarian – We believe that there is One God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, accepting the Nicene Creed as the standard by which the three “persons” of God are understood.  Co-eternal and of one essence, the three “persons” of the Trinity each interact with creation in unique and life-giving ways.  From this Trinitarian essence – Love, Lover, and Beloved – everything that is, seen and unseen, is created and sustained by this relationship of Love that knows no limits.

Leaders – We are a congregation of servants committed to training and empowering new generations of Christian disciples, sending them out into the world to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Anglican – We are Christian in faith tradition, a parish of the Diocese of Central New York, belonging to the Protestant Episcopal Church USA (Province II), and a member of the world-wide Anglican Communion.

Liturgical – our liturgy (worship) retains ancient structures and traditions, and is celebrated in many languages.  As people of the book (The Book of Common Prayer), our worship follows certain defined patterns which allow for careful innovation and adaption of the liturgy into local contexts and languages.