Welcome to St. Paul’s

Thank you for worshipping with us, and/or expressing an interest in knowing more about the St. Paul’s community. We are always grateful when new people find their way to us, and we hope you find your experience with us to be one of welcome and warmth.

St. Paul’s is a vibrant community of faith seeking to put that faith into action whenever and wherever we can. Our many ministries and programs all seek to live out our mission “to declare the goodness of God’s grace to all people and to share our time and resources to serve the needs of individuals and the community”.

Being new to a community can be overwhelming. This Welcome Packet is meant to give you some information to make it a bit easier. We’ve tried to anticipate some questions newcomers might have, but everyone’s journey is unique. Our Parish Administrator is Patricia Baransky, and she can direct you to the best person to answer any question you might have. You can reach her at the church office, 607-687-2830 or by email at stpaulsowego@stny.twcbc.com.  Our website also has a lot of useful information, including our service schedule, weekly calendar/newsletter, sermons, and mission/outreach activities, to name a few. You can find it at www.stpaulsowego.org.

One of the most common questions we hear from newcomers is “So, how do I become a member?” Well, that’s up to you, really! While anyone who worships with us regularly is considered a member and can participate as fully in the life of the community as they wish, there are two ways to make your membership “official.” Please contact the Parish Priest to help guide you through becoming “official”.  One way is to add you to our directory by completing a “contact card”. The second way you can join is to pledge time and financial support to the life and ministry of the parish. More about giving to St. Paul’s is found in this packet as well.

Again, welcome to St. Paul’s. We are so blessed by your presence!

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