2021 Stained Glass Window project

2021 Stained Glass Window project

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

117 Main Street

Owego, NY 13827

(607) 687-2830



As most of you know, St. Paul’s has begun a restoration and repair project on our antique and historical stained glass windows.

In addition to St. Paul’s being listed on the National Historic Register, we have a large collection of stained glass windows that can only be described as works of art.  The windows in the Nave, or main part of the church, and Narthex, or entry, are English “painted” stained glass manufactured by J. Wippel & Son of Exeter, England, in the early 1900’s.  The window at the top of this page is an example of this type of window. 

The replacement value of all 33 of our windows is nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

We will replace the covering, now yellowed and oxidized, over all the exterior windows.  This will allow people passing by to enjoy them and allow more light through them as well as reestablishing the protection needed against damage.  We will also have each window repaired or renovated, depending on its condition.  This project is expected to last for 6 months or more.  We have several windows that are bowing inward from a combination of causes, not the least of which is the “oven” effect of our current over-glazing because it isn’t vented.  We also have at least one window that has developed a crack in the glass from the pressure of the bowing/warping of the window.  All but the 4 Archangel windows need work to keep them from further damage.

The cost of this project is over $91,000.  In order to pay for this desperately needed work, the Vestry has agreed to take out a loan to pay for its cost over and above the donations received.  In order to repay that loan, it has been proposed to allow individuals, families or other groups to adopt a window (or more than one if they want).  In return for their tax-deductible contribution, a plaque would be placed near their window thanking them for their contribution.  A diagram showing the location and estimated cost to repair or restore each window is attached.  Windows may be adopted on a first come, first served basis with the master list being kept in the church office. If more than one request is received at the same time for the same window, we will attempt to transfer one or the other requests to a different window with the donor’s permission.   

Please consider a donation to St. Paul’s Window Fund!

The Reverend Trula Hollywood, Priest-in-charge

Debra Standinger, Senior Warden

James Hankey, Junior Warden

William O’Connell, Campaign Coordinator

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