Covid Regulations

Covid Regulations  (Updated 4/30/2021)

There will be a greeter at each entrance. The greeter will guide people to a pew appropriate for the persons being seated. 

Everyone is required to wear a mask over both mouth and nose at all times except when consuming their communion wafer in their pew. 

Masks will be given to anyone entering without one with the above instructions. 

There are pews with social distancing tape to guide everyone to seats. The tape that is clearly six feet apart is for groups of one or two. There is also tape at much closer distances that is for families and groups of more than two. The very front pews on each side will be reserved for the Reader and Mother Trula. 

People need to be seated one person/group at a time. Those waiting to be seated should also remain at least 6 feet apart from everyone else waiting. 

The greeters will also be assisting people when it is time for communion, allowing for a minimum of six feet between persons/groups. 

One of the new things the greeters will be doing is to “usher” people at communion and the end of the service, releasing each pew or group separately, similar to a wedding. Again, this will need to be done allowing for social distancing. 

There will be no coffee hour until further notice. 

Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe.